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Saudi Arabia Ponders Its Syrian Conundrum

The Arab awakenings and assertive international role of Russia and China at the expense of the United States have created a new strategic situation for the rulers of Riyadh. Seen from Saudi Arabia, the US stood idly by at the ignominious toppling of its erstwhile allies, the dictators of Tunisia and Egypt. Its rival across the Gulf, Iran, is on its way to having a nuclear weapon and has attempted to assassinate its ambassador to Washington.

Full Text: “Saudi Arabia Ponders Its Syrian Conundrum.” Caravan: Advancing a Free Society (Hoover Institution),February 23, 2012

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The “Arab Spring” Continues to Yield More Failed States.

Eastern Libya Demands Measure of Autonomy –

 In a symbolic gesture of defiance, militia and tribal chiefs from eastern Libya gathered here on Tuesday to demand a return to the loose federation that prevailed before Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi took power four decades ago.

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Syrian Tribes Participate in Uprising

And now another tribal chink in the armor of the Syrian state.

Syrian Tribal Leader Praised Assad at Gunpoint

London, Asharq Al-Awsat – Sheikh Nawaf al-Bashir, head of the prominent Baqara tribe in Syria, revealed that the Syrian authorities forced him to conduct an interview with a Syrian satellite television channel “with a gun to his head”, before releasing him 20 days later. The Baqara tribe is one of the largest tribes in Syria, and estimates indicate that the tribe’s membership stands at 1.2 million Syrian nationals.

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Tribes Getting Restless in Egypt’s Sinai

Bedouin Leaders Threaten Armed Rebellion against Egyptian Government

In light of my piece last week on the failing of the Arab core states, check out this report on rumblings of a tribal rebellion in the Sinai. Stay tuned!

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Failing States: The Real Meaning of the Arab Uprisings

The democratic promise of the poorly named “Arab Spring” is now widely recognized to be a disappointment. Viewed from early 2012, democratic “transitions” seem a pipe dream. Instead of democracy we are witnessing a re-emergence of pre-state loyalty frameworks that call into question the viability of the modern state in today’s Middle East. With the notable exception of the oil monarchies of the Gulf Cooperation Council, where the state can still provide for its citizens, the phenomenon we see today is not democratization, but rather a process of state failure.

Full text: “Failing States: The Real Meaning of the Arab Uprisings” Advancing a Free Society (Hoover Institution, Stanford). January 11, 2012.

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