Interesting women’s demo in Abha, KSA

Saudi Rural Boy

On Tuesday afternoon 6th of march a few female students were gathered in the females’ campus at the King Khaled University (KKU) in Abha, Criticizing the deterioration of basic Facilities on campus like proper class rooms, Benches, tables, waste management; when they were verbally assaulted by the Female security guards calling them “Filthy Animals”& “Barking Dogs”. The girls responded to that by throwing empty water bottles & soda cans which was stacked all over the hallways. That was it for Tuesday .

On Wednesday Morning , My sister says that they were banned from bringing in or buying any water bottles or Any other refreshment; the dean instructions they said to punish them for throwing it at the guards. Around 10:45 AM the Guards grabbed one of the girls accusing her of hitting the guards and breaking the law, they were pulling her hair and dragging here on the stairs in the most…

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