Stability in the Face of Social Change: Gender Mixing in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is known as one of the most conservative countries in the world with respect to the role of women and women’s rights. Women are forbidden to drive or travel without being accompanied by a male relative. But Saudi Arabia is actually a society in transition. This is a very slow shift, imperceptive to the unpracticed eye but quite noticeable to those familiar with Saudi history. To be sure, the West continues to be concerned that funds from Saudi Arabian citizens are still making their way to terrorist organizations, even though it appears that the government is making efforts to halt this flow. On the other hand, Abdallah is making slow strides in reforming Saudi society, and that should please all those concerned with the stability of the Saudi regime.

Full Text: “Stability in the Face of Social Change: Gender Mixing in Saudi Arabia,” Tel Aviv Notes, September 10, 2010.

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